Areas of Investment and Training

Disciple-Making Culture – Define core vision & values; identify personal purpose/focus to become a living example and embodiment of vision & values; create culture and initial practices to create engagement & momentum in team and community.

Leader-Developing Culture – Create a mindset and practice of multiplication (of influence, multiplication and impact) in potential & existing leaders; develop the Christlikeness, competency & character of leaders and create an intentional process for identifying, developing and deploying leaders.

Community Engagement & Impact – Create culture (rhythms, patterns, purpose) and supporting structures (relationships, resources and responsibility) to work to influence & impact for good in communities, organizations and regions.

Movement Orientation & Activation– Train leaders & teams in the intentional passing on of cultural values, relational influence and leadership competency to the next generation in a sustainable & scalable process of growth (growth through shared DNA & relational influence, not the centralized organization).