Leading Missional Communities

Leading Missional Communities

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Missional Communities (MCs) are a hot topic right now in the church, and many are excited about the potential of MCs to be a vehicle that allows the church to better live out its mission in the world. But if we embrace and implement MCs merely as a new program, they won't live up to their potential and we'll be on to the next hot topic in a few months.

MCs are helpful only if we use them as a vehicle that allows us to points us toward a much deeper issue: how we can learn to live our everyday lives as extended families on mission.

This book is filled with the experience-drenched practical wisdom we use to train churches all over the Western world in leading, growing, and multiplying MCs.

The great thing is that it isn't actually that complicated, and God will give us the power to do it. This isn't a task reserved for church leaders, pastors, or experts, it's for everyone! This book is about how to take the first steps in moving in that direction.

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