Make changes in something established, especially by introducing new methods or ideas

INNOVATE connects leaders and congregations with coaching, training,
and a peer network of resourcing to help individuals and churches
effectively live out missional discipleship in their unique context and setting 
because every neighbourhood deserves a Jesus centred, disciple-making, peace presence.


Organizing targeted seminars, resourcing and training events offered by INNOVATE practitioners OR partners from our global network of missional discipleship movements


Resourcing Christian leaders by providing one on one or group coaching (huddles) to encourage personal discipleship and leadership skills growth


Connecting congregations (a community of practice) on the same learning journey for ongoing inspiration, encouragement and accountability

COACHING - empowering & equipping leaders to lead themselves, releasing potential in others to make a difference in their sphere of influence and to create a legacy. 

COLLABORATION - working in partnership alongside, or investing into key organizations to equip them to fulfill their kingdom vision more effectively and fruitfully.

COMMUNICATION - helping individuals and organizations to find their voice and communicating their core message in an engaging, dynamic and effective way. 

Every neighbourhood deserves a Jesus centred, disciple-making, peace presence.
 is called to catalyse disciple-making movements
for the greatest Kingdom impact.

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