Learning Community

Learning Community


Join us for a Learning Community to learn more about shifting culture from institutions to relationships and passionately pursuing Jesus and where He's at work.

Throughout the Learning Community gatherings, which are held every 6 months, you will discover how Jesus and the early church made passionate disciples, built Christ-centred, others-focussed communities, equipped leaders of all kinds, and empowered a world-changing movement.

In this first training weekend, discover how to be a disciple who follows the ‘ways of Jesus’ and makes disciples who follow Jesus in all of life. This inspiring training about ‘missional discipleship’ & disciple making will encourage real personal life-change and will support you with steps forward to engage in transformative, life-on-life interactions inside and outside the church.

Gathering Themes include:

  • Disciple-Making Culture
  • Leader-Developing Culture
  • Community Engagement and Influence
  • Movement Orientation and Activation

The 'Disciple-Making Culture' training gathering is happening November 5-6, 2022!  This is a great starting point for individuals and congregations who are interested in pursuing a closer, more authentic relationship with God and learning how to make disciples who make disciples.

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