Learning Community

Learning Community


Join us for a Learning Community leaning into shifting culture from institutions to relationships and passionately pursuing Jesus in our neighbourhoods.

Throughout the Learning Community gatherings, held approximately every 3 months, you will discover how Jesus and the early church made passionate disciples, built Christ-centred, other-focused communities, equipped leaders of all kinds, and empowered a world-changing movement.

In the next workshop, discover how to imitate Jesus in building a discipling-culture by planning for change. 

Following the worship, teaching, reflecting, and sharing will be a practice-based evening of food and fellowship sharing the simple rhythm of Missional Community. 

Individuals and/or teams are welcome!

When?   Saturday, September 23, 2023

Where?  50 Kent Avenue, Upper Floor Community Room

                  Kitchener, ON

 Cost?     $100 per participant (60% discount!) 


Stay tuned in the coming months for information about our next Learning Community gathering in September! 


Please email info@innovatebethechange.ca if you have any questions.

Bi-weekly coaching calls with our experienced INNOVATE team practitioners are also available following this gathering.  They are prepared to use their past experiences and knowledge to propel you forward in growth.  Contact us for more information or for other coaching options.


Upcoming Learning Community dates:

- September 23, 2023: 'Imitating Jesus - Planning for Change'

- November 25, 2023: 'Leadership in the Model of Jesus'

- Family on Mission Retreat, January or February 2024 (TBD)

- May 11, 2024: 'Communities of Good News'

- September 28, 2024: 'Mission to Movement'