5Q Leadership Accelerator

The 5Q Leadership Accelerator covers a 12-week coaching, deep-dive process.

  • Each 90-minute, weekly webinar includes: background reading, completing an Application Exercise, self-led Project work, a missional assignment, and interacting with a small group of collective leaders who are leading out in the same direction—all choosing to utilize APEST as a framework and defining principle.
  • The training process has four key topics: 5Q foundations, leadership, organization, and movement.
  • The training engages participants in learning on personal, leadership, and organizational levels. This can be tailored for the organizational context if a group from an organization participates together.
  • The training covers leadership development, culture creation, and developing a training infrastructure—all influenced by APEST thinking and dynamics.
  • The training will raise 5Q awareness and activation, including training leaders to create 5Q culture and practice, develop infrastructure, and build a framework for multiplying the training into the leader's context.

The 5Q Leadership Accelerator is designed for those who have some previous engagement with APEST, are familiar with the 5Q book, and hold positions of influence in their organization. Both an individual leader or a group of leaders from the same organization are welcome in the training process.

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Cost: CDN $1800 $900/person for the Course

New Course Cohort begins January 2022! 


For more information or to register, please email us at info@innovatebethechange.ca!