Get Invovled 

6-Week 5Q Introduction Course

New Course Cohort Beginning September 21, 2021!

The 5Q Introduction Course is for any leader who is at "first or early stage engagement" with APEST. This course is designed to cover the foundations, core concepts and content of APEST and 5Q at an introductory level. 

ReLearning Community

New Cohort Beginning November 5-7, 2021!

Step into the journey that challenges leaders and congregations to shift focus from institutions to people, following the example of Jesus to make disciples who make disciples.


5Q Leadership Accelerator

The 5Q Leadership Accelerator is designed for those who have some previous engagement with APEST, are familiar with the 5Q book, and hold positions of influence in their organization. Both an individual leader or a group of leaders from the same organization are welcome in the training process.

Community of Practice

Continue your discipleship journey by joining a network of congregations and teams who are also seeking to make a kingdom impact.