Missional Communities Leader Guide

Missional Communities Leader Guide

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In this guide, we aim to provide simple, repeatable, concrete steps for groups of people who are embarking on the journey of learning to live as Missional Communities (MCs), which can also be called Families on Mission.

These are people committed to being the incarnational presence of God in every area of their lives, but understand the important reality that we’re better together.

There are many definitions, philosophies, and approaches to the Missional Community life, and we want to acknowledge at the beginning we offer a way, not the way. We strongly encourage you to glean from many different sources and integrate what you learn with the basic framework offered in this MC Leader Guide.

This guide is meant to be like a set of tracks to run on, tracks that will create helpful rhythms on which you will invariably build. It also leaves lots of room for flexibility, innovation, and contextualization. Most people do not start something new for fear they will head in the wrong direction, or for a lack of knowing where to begin. That’s exactly what this guide provides: a start in the right direction. We will provide simple, predictable patterns that are imitable and reproducible.

Leading a MC requires lots of on-the-ground training, much like raising children. No one is a great parent from the beginning. Parenting, like MC leading, is a process of leaning on your past experiences, learning from many resources, those who have traveled the path before you, and lots of experimentation. You’ll use the same techniques here.

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