Who We Are


As DISCIPLES of Jesus, we choose to pattern our lives after Christ committing to grow in our relationship with God, serve within the body of Christ, and share our faith with others.

As INNOVATORS we seek to live and lead in an entrepreneurial, intentional and relational way, choosing to spark creativity and innovation to release potential and lead through relational influence.

As COACHES, we are experienced practitioners, training leaders to take personal responsibility for growth in their life, leadership and ministry context.

As a NETWORK, we are relational and community driven catalysts and coaches who champion, spark and encourage one another to live and lead more like Jesus and to operate with maximum Kingdom impact.

As a CHARITY, we are accountable, generous and strategic in our stewarding, allocation and investment of the resources we have and are given (time, money and effort) for kingdom priorities and with kingdom principles.

The DNA of our work is

Holy Spirit-led

Grass Roots-led

Contextually applied




Simple, Sustainable and Scalable

Our Strategy 

Pioneer New Ground 
– Connect with People of Peace on their frontier (organization or geography) and start a process (coaching, workshop, training) with them – both in first and third world, ministry and marketplace.

Empower Leaders – Empower, train and release the teams and organizations we are working with (move from Coach through to Champion).

Build Key Partnerships – Work alongside or invest in key organizations to deepen their culture, sharpen their practice and increase their influence.

Release Grass-Roots Leaders – Actively train and empower leaders to take responsibility for the training work and relational network within the region (or organization) where they lead and influence.

Develop the Network – Intentionally and relationally working with leaders who have been trained and released within regions to create a national network of movements and a collective of innovators.