Episode #3
March 25, 2021

Is it really possible for a busy family to embrace a life on mission?  In this podcast episode, Kim & Andrew Kabbes tell their story of Family on Mission. 

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Episode #5
May 31, 2021

Mike Breen writes in his book Building a Discipling Culture: “Testing comes into our lives to make us more flexible, to stretch us out of our comfort zone. God stretches us by taking us into territory where we do not naturally feel comfortable. Moving in a direction that is not to our natural liking brings about maturity. We do not grow by staying in our comfort zone” (175). “There is a great need to restore and encourage leadership in our culture, including the Church. And the Church is the best place to offer a genuine model of leadership” (140).

I encourage you to listen with this in mind as you hear Taucha, Ken & Dawne tell their story.

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Episode #1
February 12, 2021

This episode features Norm's mentor and dear friend Brian Bauman. Brian recently retired following 16 years of leading the Mission Office of Mennonite Church Eastern Canada. Brian has also worked as a pastor, a church planter in California, a conference minister, and even spent several years working in real estate.

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Episode #2
February 24, 2021
Intercultural Church

This episode is throwback to a conversation Norm had earlier this year with his colleague Fanosie Legesse. Fanosie serves as the Intercultural Mission Minister for Mennonite Church Eastern Canada. For more on Fanosie visit www.mcec.ca/intercultural-church

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