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Accessible Prophecy is all about helping local churches grow a healthy and mature prophetic culture.


Prophecy is a wonderful gift from the Holy Spirit that brings life to people and connects us with the heart of our heavenly Father. 

Through prophecy we can hear the voice of God, experience God's guidance and feel empowered to step into what God has for us.  When a prophetic culture is combined with a missional passion, communities can be radically transformed.

Many churches today are exploring ways to grow in prophetic ministry, but have valid questions, such as:

  • How can we grow prophecy but also keep things ‘safe’?
  • How do we demystify the prophetic and make it accessible for everyone?
  • What’s the best way to encourage and release prophetic people?


Underlying everything I do is my prophetic gifting.  Learning to recognize and gain confidence in using this gift has been an important part of my journey." 

~ Ceri Harris, Accessible Prophecy UK


"Being a part of a coaching huddle has been a wonderful journey of growing in my ability to not only hear God, but also to respond to Him. The huddle has demystified “prophecy” for me by providing sound teaching based on biblical principles. I have been challenged to “exercise my prophetic muscles” in a very safe space, learning to hear for both myself and others. The beauty of this huddle is that learning and encouragement not only come from the coach, but also from the other participants who are in the huddle with me. I feel that this huddle experience has really accelerated my spiritual growth and has given me a deeper desire to build my relationship with God, and the tools with which to do it."

~ Shelly from Nova Scotia

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