Coaching with Norm Dyck,

a Five-Capitals Certified Coach and INNOVATE's Team Leader, 

will empower & equip you to make a difference in your sphere of influence.

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Desiring Change

Do you desire to lead and develop others with greater effectiveness?

Want to see better results for the effort you put into your leadership?


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As a Five-Capitals Certified Coach, with 20 years of national and international experience in coaching, leadership formation and development, equipping leaders towards greater emotional intelligence (EQ), Norm Dyck will work with you as a leader to name and achieve your goals.

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Examination & Growth

As you examine your life through the coaching process, you will get to know yourself and understand your motivations, values, desires, talents, and strengths.

"I really value Norm's insight, and the content he brought was always extremely solid, but likely even more his warmness and desire to form relationship."

Rene, Kitchener

Coaching offers you:

  • A guided, International Coaching Federation (ICF)-aligned process that delivers greater awareness, responsibility, and ownership in leading your team and reaching your goals
  • Assessment based coaching designed to grow EQ and expose, develop, and shrink your leadership blind spots
  • Assistance in goal setting aiming towards clear, achievable, and measurable goals
  • Accountability, support, and guidance in achieving your goals and leading your team
  • A greater sense of purpose in your leadership, stronger team dynamic, clearer strategic focus

 Assessment tools available:

  • MPACT/APEST – discover your leadership strengths and how to maximize the leadership qualities of your team
  • The Prioritized Leader/Life Assessments – naming and setting a plan to orient your priorities towards greater efficiency and effectiveness
  • The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI)


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INNOVATE coaching? 


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