Learning Community

The Learning Community journey challenges leaders and congregations to shift focus from institutions to people, following the example of Jesus to make disciples who make disciples.


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Part 1: what is?


Each participant or team does an analysis of the organization they are leading. They are encouraged to look at the strengths, weaknesses and effectiveness of the current models they are using. It is an opportunity for leaders to take an honest look at their current progress (breakthroughs and battles, successes and struggles). Each participant or team will present some aspects of this to the other participants.

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Part 2: what could be?

Participants are introduced to new concepts, principles and ways of thinking or working. We ask God to speak about aspects of our thinking and practice. Our model for processing these challenges is based on Jesus’ statement in Mark 1:14-15. "After John was put in prison, Jesus went into Galilee, proclaiming the good news of God. ‘The time has come,’ he said. ‘The Kingdom of God is near. Repent and believe the good news!’

We suggest that the Kingdom of God moves forward through ‘kairos’ (time) events which require us to change the way we think (repent) and step out in faith (believe).

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Part 3: what will be?

Based on the analysis and input from the previous two parts, each participant applies the new information to their own culture, model and missional context. Each individual or team makes a six-month plan with measurable and achievable objectives and confirms their 2-year faith goals. This plan will help improve their effectiveness in moving towards their God-given vision and the goals keep the big picture in front of them. Over the months between each Learning Community gathering, the participants remain accountable for their progress towards their goals and for the implementation of their plans.



Learning Community Gathering Themes

Imitating Jesus - Shifting Culture

Imitating Jesus - Planning for Change

Leadership in the Model of Jesus

Family on Mission Retreat

Communities of Good News

Mission to Movement


 - Recognize the 'kairos' events in our lives which require us to change they way we think and step out in faith

- Intentionally make disciples by building relationships UP (with God), IN (with each other), and OUT (with the world)

- Engage in transformative, life-on-life interactions inside and outside the church