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The 5Q introduction course has six sessions. These are designed to cover the foundations, core concepts and content of APEST and 5Q at an introductory level.

In each of the six sessions, the training will raise 5Q awareness and activation, including understanding 5Q biblical foundations, seeing Jesus as an embodiment of APEST, and using APEST in training leaders, creating culture and communal practices.

Six weeks coaching with one hour a week contact and a message board for peer learning and discussion. The coaching gives a 5Q overview from an experienced practitioner within an environment that gives participants direct input, discussion with peers and others on the journey, as well as some work for participants to apply in their own context. This coaching will provide a learning experience, and introduce participants to local leadership and lifestyle in

The 5Q Introduction Course is designed for any leader who is at “first or early stage engagement” with APEST. Participants may have only read the 5Q book (or The Permanent Revolution or The Forgotten Ways) or be relatively new to the discussion. It provides a stimulating environment to receive initial input, as well as an intentional process to enable first steps in engaging with, understanding, and applying APEST.

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WEBINAR 1: APEST/5Q Introduction — An introduction for the group, an overview of framework for the coaching process, initial engagement with 5Q (APEST and 5Q overview), raising 5Q awareness and application, and covering APEST foundations.

WEBINAR 2: APEST/5Q Overview — Exploring the whole 5Q system overview, across God, culture, creation, Christ, and the church. Reflecting on what significance this has for individuals, teams, and organizations.

WEBINAR 3: Jesus as the Archetype APEST — Examining the person and pattern of Jesus as the perfect embodiment of all five of the APEST giftings. Looking closely at the intelligences and capacities of Jesus and how to grow mature disciples, leaders, churches, denominations, and organizations with 5Q.

WEBINAR 4: Callings and Functions for the Body of Christ, and APEST as Marks for the Church — Exploring the implicit and explicit expression of APEST in individuals and communities, and utilizing APEST as 'marks of maturity' to analyze and strengthen participant’s team or organization.

WEBINAR 5: Creating APEST Engagement and Training — Using APEST to assess culture and inform team conversations as first engagements for leaders with APEST. Utilizing APEST to create a more holistic training framework in participant’s context.

WEBINAR 6: 5Q Planning—next steps for individuals and the group (including planned follow - up on key topics and conversations, options for follow on coaching around 5Q