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5Q is the capacity to see the APEST typology of Ephesians 4:1-16 as an interpretive key to understanding God's deeper purposes and design for disciples, leaders and the church.

APEST (Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Shepherd, and Teacher giftings from Ephesians 4:1-16) is perfectly embodied and expressed in the life and ministry of Jesus, and is gifted to the Body of Christ by Jesus in his ascension gifting and commissioning of the Church. The result of seeing the fivefold/APEST like we have never seen it before affords us a comprehensive framework and systemic model that enables us to recalibrate the church’s ministry along more biblical lines. We can actually identify what boosts or blocks the church/organization and subsequently develop pathways to re-establish the dynamic ministry of Christ in the Body of Christ. 5Q also provides leaders with a metric to assess the relative functionality (or dysfunctionality) of a local expression of the Body of Christ and intentionally pursue maturity.  

APEST as a foundation and framework also allows us to reframe discipleship, leadership, church and mission in the way of Jesus. 

5Q provides a scripturally rich way for leaders committed to equipping and releasing the church into God’s redemptive purposes to assess and develop strategy and resources. 

The ecosystem of leadership training, coaching, and tools is what we call The 5Q Collective, and here you will find numerous practical tools for developing transformational discipleship, deepening leadership capacities, and for processing organizational change.

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Our webinars are designed to raise the awareness and application of 5Q/APEST for leaders. We offer them free of charge or at an affordable price point, and are accessible for leaders to engage themselves or with their teams around a particular topic relevant to 5Q/APEST. Our webinars offer the chance for an initial low-cost, low time-investment engagement on a key topic, as well as giving people a stepping stone before going deeper into 5Q training and resources. 

We have members of the 5Q team and Collective who run them around different topics. 

There are specified individualized webinars around a key topic and we also offer webinar series (a set of 3 or 4 webinars that follow a pattern and participants attend all of the webinars). These webinar series are where we take the learner on a journey over 3 or 4 sessions to go deeper in awareness and application. 

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Designed to cover the foundations,
core concepts and content of APEST and 5Q at an introductory level.

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A 12-week, deep dive, designed for any leader who wants a deep understanding of APEST at an accelerated pace, for those who are in leadership positions of influence in their organization.


5Q is a great vehicle for leaders and leadership teams to rediscover APEST as a working model. At Hope Whitby we use these principles as a key to releasing people into there God given roles. It’s been useful to hear how other leaders are grappling with these key concepts.

Leigh Coates Pioneer Leader, Hope Whitby, UK