5Q Leadership Accelerator


The 5Q Leadership Accelerator covers a 12-week coaching, deep-dive process.

  • Each 90-minute, weekly webinar includes: background reading, completing an Application Exercise, self-led Project work, a missional assignment, and interacting with a small group of collective leaders who are leading out in the same direction—all choosing to utilize APEST as a framework and defining principle.
  • The training process has four key topics: 5Q foundations, leadership, organization, and movement.
  • The training engages participants in learning on personal, leadership, and organizational levels. This can be tailored for the organizational context if a group from an organization participates together.
  • The training covers leadership development, culture creation, and developing a training infrastructure—all influenced by APEST thinking and dynamics.
  • The training will raise 5Q awareness and activation, including training leaders to create 5Q culture and practice, develop infrastructure, and build a framework for multiplying the training into the leader's context.

The 5Q Leadership Accelerator is designed for those who have some previous engagement with APEST, are familiar with the 5Q book, and hold positions of influence in their organization. Both an individual leader or a group of leaders from the same organization are welcome in the training process.

Tuition: CDN $1,200/person

New cohort is beginning September 2021.

Contact info@innovatebethechange.ca for more details.

Information also available in PDF Format

5Q Accelerator Image from February Course


Module 1: APEST/5Q Foundations

Introduction to 5Q/APEST—Setting the context and expectations for the training model, and introductions to the cohort members. There is a beginning introduction to Ephesians 4, with particular focus on “Unity.” We will begin using the “Application & Awareness” model for ministry equipping.

Focus on Diversity—Exploring the biblical basis for APEST, as found in Ephesians 4, particularly focusing on diversity while engaging with the wider 5Q framework and system, making the clear distinction between 5Q and APEST. Also, we’ll begin practicing with a congregational/ organizational application tool, and begin discussing our application project.

Jesus, the perfect APEST—Examining the person and pattern of Jesus as the perfect embodiment of all five of the APEST gifting, we will focus on Maturity—how we can grow mature disciples, leaders, ministries/ organizations with 5Q. We explore how the ministry of Christ (MOX) is given to the body of Christ (BOX) to grow into the fullness of Christ (FOX).

Leader’s Personal APEST Profile and Ministry—Developing 5Q awareness and application by understanding your personal APEST profile (its shape, strength and shadow); being equipped to lead from a place of personal example.

God is A, P, E, S, T—Tracing the roots of Fivefold in the character of God, and across creation and culture—considering how we communicate with those we lead so they engage with APEST. 

Mid-Module Break 1 (for reading and writing - 1 week)

Module 2: Creating a 5Q Team Culture

Leading into 5Q Culture—Leading as a servant, like Jesus. Guiding the team by personal example and growing the team in their 5Q through engagement with their personal APEST Profiles. Begin defining what 5Q culture would look like in your context. Embracing the 5Q Marks as a standard for assessment.

Creating Space for 5Q Culture—Assessing APEST profiles and maturity of key leaders and teams within the organization. Developing clarity of APEST language and understanding within the team, in preparation for future messaging within the organization. Practice unity while expressing diversity in the team using APEST language. Also, looking at APEST areas of growth. 

Developing a Team-Equipping Strategy—Focusing on the APEST profile of each team member, we’ll identify both areas for celebration and development; then begin developing an equipping strategy for individual team members and for the organizational members at large. Key tools will include the 3 Equipping Environments (Classroom, Immersion, Apprenticeship) and the 7A’s Equipping Outcomes.

Mid-Module Break 2 (for reading and writing - 1 or 2 weeks)

Module 3: Creating An Organizational 5Q Culture

Activating the Team’s Collective Intelligence—Creating a process and plan to release the latent 5Q potential within the participant’s core team and in teams across the organization. Learn to use all APEST perspectives when making decisions.

Assessing and Developing a 5Q Organizational Culture—Using the APEST Marks, we’ll assess the church/organization 5Q culture. Then we’ll begin building on the APEST foundations, and growing 5Q in leaders, to develop 5Q awareness and application in the organization. 

Scaling 5Q Across the Organization—Living on Mission—Introducing the “center” and “edge” dynamics. We’ll discover how to equip and empower all people in the organization for a life on mission as they discover their APEST vocational callings. We’ll discuss how guide through the tension where innovators want to experiment on the edge and others are more comfortable in the “known” center.

Commissioning and Celebration—Participants present their project work to their cohort peers for critique, input, and encouragement. Then we’ll pray for and commission participants with the opportunity for further engagement as part of the 5QCollective.